ESL With Jim Web Page


Welcome to the ESL with Jim web page. This page has lists of web sites for extra practice learning English. The pages are listed on the right side by level. At the top right side, under the title Pages, there are documents with lists of links by ESL level. This web page also has special information and documents for my San Diego Community College District ESL English for Careers students. Those students can find extra practice by clicking on the English for Careers Syllabus link under Pages on the top right side of this page. The class is presently using a special program called Burlington English, which helps students learn English for careers as well as English for general purposes. The program has a very effective feature that helps students practice pronunciation, too.  My students can also get extra practice in the ESL computer lab at school. In the lab, there are binders with instructions on how to use some of the web pages and the ESL software. Ask the teacher or aides to help you. Also, please help each other in the lab. Good luck learning English.

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